30 May 2008

Greetings to all.

I appreciate your patience waiting and frequently checking the web site for the next update: IT IS NOW AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!  First of all, we must all thank Mr. Abe Luspo for keeping up with me in spite of his frail health and several trips to the hospital.  I think his deep passion for the hobby is still fervently burning within him.  He often tries his best to be available in answering my many queries and helping me come up with the present update.

This is a monster update: 103 html pages and 167 images added to the Archives section alone. Most of the new materials added to the Spanish Philippines, USPI and Aguinaldo periods, but I suggest that you should also go through the other sections as well. 

I present to you a new U.S.P.I. Archives, now with 20 sections from the previous 18. The key change involve the break up of the Bureau section to three sections, namely

The Military Stations section is a sort of a Goodale & Baker update and it is envisioned that this section will eventually have an illustration of all the U.S. military postmarks with an update on its ERU and LRU. 

The U.S.P.I. Archive is already 60 meg in size. Coming up with new pages and in many cases re-worked images required tremendous effort. Please report missing links or images. It needs fine tuning and your inputs will be very much appreciated. 

Last month the 1906 - 1911 PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY OFFICIALS collection was updated with new pages and additional materials. The collection is again upgraded with 39 new images. Likewise four sections of the 10-frame collection PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY HANDSTAMPED OFFICIALS 1906 - 1907 PROVISIONAL PERIOD updated and presented to you as new collections, namely:
Philippine Constabulary "Official Business"
Constabulary Handstamped Small O.B.
Constabulary Handstamped Large O.B.
The 1907 Bandholtz Experimental Overprints

The "OFFICIAL MAIL" section also with new pages. New materials will be added and this section will be upgraded to a new collection in the next update.

A few of the significant items added are:
Spectacular Sitting Lady Mixed with Straits Settlements QV issues 1874 to Madrid
Impressive strike of Correos Leyte Pmk 1897 to Spain
New ERU for the UX1 Postal Card
Three Unlisted PSE Corner Cards on #U8 and #U30
1c Columbian PSE with 4c and 8c Trans-Miss to Switzerland
New Opening Date for Vigan Military Station PO
New ERU for Camp Stotsenburg
Three Types of Dagupan North R.P.O. Postmark
Four Diff Types & 3 Sub-Types of Dagupan South R.P.O. Postmark

The choice for the cover of the year made by Abe and David Chiong. This is a postal history rarity. It is just a click away!

Dr. Tommy C. Sim
Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

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